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Our committees are an opportunity for Members to roll up their sleeves to develop policies, recommendations, publications and artifacts for the IPSA and the global public safety community.

It's important to note that IPSA Committees are working groups, and all committee members should expect to volunteer between four - 10 hours per month to help the committee meet its goals. 

The IPSA has two Chair positions open: TEMS Committee and Fitness/Wellness Committee. To be considered, email us the  following by August


  • You must be a current Active-Level member of the IPSA to apply. If you're an Associate-Level, you must upgrade your membership to Active-Level if selected. 
  • The IPSA's Committees are working groups. You will be responsible for delivering on the goals the committee establishes. 
  • Expect to volunteer between 5-10 hours per month. 
  • Committe Chairs are responsible for submitting Meeting Minutes to the IPSA within 48 hours of each meeting. Meeting Minutes are required by State Law and non-profit record keeping. 

How to apply

  1. Committte Name you are applying for. 
  2. Letter of Interest (include why you want to be Chair and what deliverables you would like the committee to develop during your first year). 
  3. Resume

Public Safety Communications & Technology Committee

Scott Edson serves as Committee Chair of the newly formed Public Safety Communications and Technology Committee. This Committee is responsible for providing the IPSA with emerging and contemporary information on all matters relating to the development and implementation of communications and technology solutions, including cyber security risk mitigation considerations, that have application in law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency management, security and healthcare.

RTF Committee

The purpose of the Rescue Task Force Committee is to provide the IPSA guidance in all matters relating to the development, management and training practices of Rescue Task Forces. The RTF Committee shall enhance the cooperation and the sharing of information between agencies who use Rescue Task Forces and those exploring the possibility of starting a Rescue Task Force; the Committee will publish documents and articles to assist in the understanding of the benefits, costs, and complexities of on-going Rescue Task Force training and management. Lieutenant George Steiner with Elgin Fire Department serves as Chair.

TEMS Committee

Tactical Emergency Medical Support is integral to SWAT and police Tactical Units in providing Special Operations Medicine in the pre-hospital setting. Tactical medics deliver point of wounding care in the direct threat, indirect threat and tactical evacuation phases of the austere environment. TEMS responds to high threat incidents such as: high risk warrants, terrorist attacks, active shooters and other intentional mass casualty incidents. The IPSA TEMS Committee is committed to serving the IPSA mission and will contribute to the professional development of the public safety community. The TEMS Committee will work together with all IPSA committees to establish an all hazards approach and integrated response to public safety emergencies. Shane Fitzpatrick, EMT-P at Emergency Medical Services, Calgary Metro Alberta Health Services serves as Chair.

Fitness/Wellness Committee

The health and fitness of public safety officers continues to diminish at a greater rate than the general population. This includes increased instances of chronic disease, decreased quality of life, frequency of injury and decreased life expectancy post- retirement. The Fitness/Wellness Committee will focus on increasing the health and wellness of public safety officers, more specifically impacting pain management, obesity and optimized physical readiness for duty. We will accomplish this by leveraging a professional network of experts in the field for analysis and application of evidence based research. Mike Yatsko serves as Committee Chair.

Mental Health Committee

This committee will address contemporary issues relating to public safety mental health issues and programs. Specifically, the IPSA Mental Health Committee will conduct research to develop papers, policy, position statements and relevant artifacts for the IPSA to share with the global public safety community. Nicholas Greco IV, MS, BCETS, CATSM serves as Committee Chair.

UAS Committee

The IPSA UAS committee will address contemporary issues relating to UAS programs and public safety. Specifically, the IPSA UAS committee will research to develop papers, policy, position statements and relevant artifacts for the IPSA to share with the global public safety community. In addition, the committee may create a training course or host a seminar for public safety about UAS programs. Wesley Bull serves as Chair.

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