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How rugged mobile technology improves emergency response time

28 Dec 2017 9:57 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

By Group Mobile, an Official IPSA Supporter

Time is one of the most valuable assets for first responders. Reaching critical situations quickly, having access to the right information in crucial moments, and the ability to communicate real-time, accurate data all impact first response teams' capacities for making pivotal decisions when it matters most. Well-informed decisions, even when made in a split second, bolster the safety of victims, civilians, and personnel.

In-vehicle connectivity enables educated, on-the-spot decisions and improved response efforts by providing first responders the resources to move as quickly as possible. Leveraging reliable hardware and software, like mobile gateway routers and rugged computers, is key.

Rugged mobile technology explained

Rugged mobile technology encompasses a variety of hardware and software including, but not limited to, smartphones, tablets, laptops, gateways, scanners, printers, and more. Designed to 1) provide seamless connectivity and 2) withstand harsh environments, rugged tech is the go-to for a variety of industries. First responders, especially, reap benefits when utilizing rugged mobile tech, because it allows them to further improve upon what they already do best: tactfully respond to critical situations.

Rugged mobile technology's improves response time

  • Ensures Seamless Connectivity - Mobile gateway and routers enable seamless in-vehicle connectivity, meaning response teams can gain access to and share important information as it's happening. This allows response teams to quickly understand exactly when and where they're needed.
  • Immediate Reporting and Alerting - Well-placed sensors send alerts to dispatchers and nearby response teams without the officer in action having to provide a play by play. If an officer is pursuing a fleeing suspect, for instance, nearby personnel will be alerted that he or she might need back up. Such alerts make it possible for nearby responders to support each other before even verbalizing it.
  • Helps Responders Work On The Go - Rugged mobile computers, like the F110 and V110 from Getac, allow first responders to capture images and videos on the go, run mission-critical applications, and take the tablet where they need it when they need it most. These computers are built to work regardless of the responder’s situation, rather than holding the officer back.
  • Less Time Needed to Repair Broken or Failing Tech - Rugged designs lend themselves well to bumpy car rides, extreme temperatures, and any other potentially hazardous environments first response teams might, and will likely, encounter. Reliability means response teams won't constantly have to carve out time to attend to repairs or malfunctions.
  • GPS Provides Quickest Routes - Most rugged mobile technology includes, or can include, Integrated GPS receivers to ensure response teams are provided with the quickest routes possible.

Rugged gateways create emergency vehicle mobile hotspots

Dramatically increased download links and seamless communication provide first responders with mission-critical data as they're responding to a situation. Fast access to real-time data, like federal criminal records and important incident location data, improves a response team’s ability to make the best decision based on the information available.

Briefly mentioned above, in-vehicle rugged gateways provide consolidated connectivity with dispatchers, IT teams, and other first responders. Most consumer routers use a 3G network, which causes delays and other time-consuming issues with in-vehicle applications, which first responders rely on to receive and communicate important information in real time. Rugged gateways, however, utilize secure and reliable networks to increase productivity and, ultimately, improve response time.

About the Author

Group Mobile works closely with Sierra Wireless and Getac to offer the world a comprehensive offering of hardware, software and services for connected devices and machine-to-machine communications. Together, Group Mobile and Sierra Wireless provide innovative, reliable and high performing solutions. Group Mobile’s team of industry experts can assist you in selecting, designing and implementing a multi-network environment for mission-critical fleets, as well as request a free personalized quote. Group Mobile is an official IPSA Supporter.

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