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IPSA InfoBrief: Interoperability and Unified Command

17 Apr 2018 1:26 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

This International Public Safety Association InfoBrief discusses interoperability and unified command. The purpose of this document is to elucidate the fundamental and important principles of interoperability and unified command, suggest rationale as to why the deficiencies continue to exist and finally, to present some strategies for reducing the gap and opportunities for solutions.

Download the IPSA InfoBrief: Interoperability and Unified Command

This InfoBrief was authored by several members of the IPSA’s Rescue Task Force Committee. The IPSA’s RTF Committee is committed to advancing the IPSA mission and provides the IPSA guidance in all matters relating to the development, management and training practices of RTFs. The RTF Committee enhances the cooperation and sharing of information between agencies who use RTFs and those exploring the possibility of starting a new RTF program. The RTF Committee publishes documents and articles to assist in the understanding of the benefits, costs and complexities of on-going RTF training and management.

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