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IPSA Officer Position: Secretary - A Highly Visible Leadership Position

14 Jun 2018 6:59 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

Application period closes on August 15. 

The International Public Safety Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Arizona, is recruiting for the position of Secretary. Our current Secretary, Communications Supervisor Jennifer Stewart with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, was appointed to serve on the IPSA’s Board of Directors during our Annual Meeting this past February. She is fulfilling her one-year appointment as Secretary and is seeking to pass the torch to an aspiring IPSA Member that wishes to get more involved with the IPSA’s leadership team.

About the position

The IPSA Secretary is a volunteer-based, Officer position with the IPSA. The position of Secretary requires the understanding and knowledge of the IPSA’s Mission and purpose. The Secretary must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and the ability to interact with Board officials, directors, and the organization's membership, all of whom come from multiple public safety professional backgrounds.

Candidates with previous experience serving on, or working closely with a Board, is preferred.

The Secretary's duties include managing all the IPSA’s internal communications and preparing or keeping track of Board meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes from the meeting. The Secretary will be required to attend all Board meetings to keep a detailed record of the Board's actions. The Board's actions during the meeting are later typed up and disseminated to the Board as a recap of the events and the votes or decisions that transpired during the meeting.

In addition, given that this is a leadership position, there is an expectation that the Secretary will assist with membership referrals, fundraising efforts and be a champion for the IPSA. The level of effort is approximately 10 volunteer hours per month. 

Other duties performed by the secretary include the following:

  • Attend all IPSA Board Meetings (most Board meetings are remote and the Board meets approximately once per month).
  • Keep at the principal office of the IPSA all records and ensure their accuracy and safety (e.g. Membership books, minutes and bylaws).
  • Capture, review and distribute Board minutes within 5 business days following each Board meeting.
  • Provide notice of meetings of the Board and/or of a Committee when such notice is required.
  • See that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the IPSA’s Bylaws or as required by law.

Eligibility and other details

You must be a current Active Level Member of the IPSA. If you are currently an Associate Level Member, you must upgrade your membership prior to submitting your letter of interest and resume.

  • This is a one-year appointment with the option for reappointment by the Board.
  • Appointment will begin in September 2018.
  • You do not need to reside in Arizona.
How to apply

Please submit a letter of interest and a current resume in a combined .PDF to Executive Director Heather R. Cotter at describing the following: 

  1. Why you are the best candidate for this position.
  2. Two professional references.
  3. Assertion that your supervisor approves and supports your involvement. 

The first review of resumes will occur in August. This leadership position will be filled in September 2018. 

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