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The New Threat: Targeting Public Safety Personnel Even In Their Own Homes

20 Aug 2015 3:22 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

The IPSA is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with ManageURiD – a company that was formed for the exclusive and urgent purpose of controlling the amount and type of personal information that is being compiled and made readily available about all of us on the Internet.

The IPSA has partnered with ManageURiD to bring this personal information protection service to IPSA Members at a discount.  Anyone who signs up for the service through the IPSA's ManageURiD portal will receive a 50% discount on the cost of the service AND will also help support the IPSA.

The personal privacy of virtually everyone is routinely being violated today in a way that especially threatens the physical and financial well-being of public safety personnel and their families. This issue has become seriously aggravated by the stated targeting of police and other public safety officials by organizations like Anonymous, various protest groups, and others, and has made the protection of the personal information of these individuals a safety and force protection imperative.

Removing This Information Is Difficult

The only practical solution to this problem is to remove relevant sensitive personal information from the 50+ sites making it available. The unfortunate reality, however, is that removing personal information from these sites is intentionally convoluted and extremely difficult. While it is technically possible, most people do not have the time, patience, interest or skill to successfully accomplish the task as the process would virtually require a full time commitment.

For more information and to start protecting your personal information, login to the IPSA website and go to the IPSA Members Area to access this new benefit. 

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