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DHS Emergency Services Sector Committee & Sub-Group Opportunities

20 Jan 2016 3:34 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)
As one of the newest member organizations of the DHS Emergency Services Sector Committee, the International Public Safety Association will be reaching out from time-to-time to our Members to get involved with some of the DHS ESS sub-groups.  

Opportunity for an IPSA Member: If you are interested in an upcoming opportunity to get involved with a DHS sub-group, have a background in intelligence, and are a currently employed by a government agency (law, fire, EM, EMS, etc) please reach out to us by sending an email with your name, title, professional discipline you represent, employer, experience in intelligence and/or intelligence analysis, and the best way to contact you to  

The goal of this particular working group, the Emergency Services Sector Key Intelligence Questions (ESS-KIQ) Working Group, is to create joint standard operating procedures (JSOP) for ESS analysts as a guide for the collection and dissemination of this information to the sector. The final product will become a guiding document to support future Intel gathering and production for the sector.

We encourage you to check out the DHS Emergency Services Sector Plan.  

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