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IPSA Supports the FBI's Don't Name Them Campaign

08 Jul 2016 2:57 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

The International Public Safety Association supports the FBI’s "Don't Name Them" campaign.  Media exposure of active shooter and mass casualty incidents should focus on the victims and heroes, and we strongly advocate that all media outlets, reporters, academicians, and public safety trainers withhold the offender’s name, unless he or she is presently at large.  By abstaining, we may reduce the motivation to attack and limit opportunity of perceived fame. 

According to, developed by the ALERRT™ Center at Texas State University, there are a number of actionable strategies our Membership, like-minded citizens, academic institutions, media channels, and organizations can do to support this campaign:

1.       Encourage law enforcement and other agencies/organizations to sign on.

2.       Publicly recognize the media outlets that step up to this effort and encourage their decisions to not sensationalize the tragedy.

3.       Create a general media announcement to get the word out. 

4.       Have individuals sign petitions encouraging media outlets to move their focus from the shooters to the victims and the heroes.

5.       Develop a message that anyone can send to the media in the wake of a shooting.

6.       Develop letters to the editor and other materials that can be sent to media outlets by individuals.

The International Public Safety Association believes that these efforts will make a difference.  We strongly encourage you to support the "Don't Name Them" campaign by adopting the above mentioned strategies. Get involved and join the International Public Safety Association today.


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