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9/11 - Never Forget Video

08 Sep 2016 5:43 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

International Public Safety Association Video, Never Forget

We encourage the sharing and distribution of this video whether it is by email, during roll call, or on social media.  

Members of the International Public Safety Association will always remember 9/11 and honor the ultimate sacrifice that our public safety officials made on that day and continue to make every day.  

The magnitude of response was unprecedentedPublic safety responders, including emergency medical, fire, law enforcement, telecommunications, public works and others, showed us that a team response to disasters and emergency events is essential.  That is why we are committed to assure that all public safety responders learn from this tragic event.  

The International Public Safety Association will do everything in its power to encourage the development of an effective, cross-disciplined, and collaborative public safety community capable of an integrated response to every incident.  

Together We Are Stronger 

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