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  • 08 Jul 2016 9:06 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    Last night, members of our public safety community were the targets and victims of a deadly ambush attack in Dallas.  The world and the public safety community witnessed this planned attack on law enforcement officers who were selflessly protecting citizens who were exercising their right to peaceably assemble.  The International Public Safety Association mourns for the victims, their families and the Dallas community. Our prayers are with you all.


    The International Public Safety Association requests that our public safety community stay strong, lean on each other for support, and continue to operate in a way that maintains and instills your community’s trust.  The communities you serve and protect feel your frustration and pain. 


    We also request the International Public Safety Association membership work with leadership in their agencies, elected officials, and community organizations to objectively assess and develop a path forward to help solve these very serious issues. 



    International Public Safety Association

  • 29 Jun 2016 12:55 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association appointed new members representing law enforcement, fire service, EMS, telecommunications, academia, and private sector to the association’s new Memorial Committee The purpose of the International Public Safety Association's Memorial Committee is to establish a mechanism for announcing and acknowledging the Line of Duty Death of a public safety practitioner (law, fire, EMS, K9s, and all other emergency responders).  This working group shall consist of individuals who want to help us commemorate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The new committee members include: 

    • Committee Chair: James Dundas, IPSA Board Member
    • Frank Wayne Laney Jr., Rowan Cabarrus Community College
    • Tim Murphy, Paso Robles Police Department
    • Kari Day, Baker County Consolidated Dispatch
    • Daniel Huff, Pittsboro Fire Department
    • John Shanks, USAF Police Alumni Foundation, Memorial & Museum
    • Joseph “Paul” Manley, Nahant Police Department
    • Gary Smiley, NYC Fire Dept. (ret)/Albrightsville Fire & Rescue

    This working group shall consist of individuals who want to help the International Public Safety Association commemorate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

  • 27 Jun 2016 3:39 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The  IPSA released its FY2017-2020 Strategic PlanThis public document sets out the strategic plan for the IPSA and highlights the following:

    • Outlines the history and organization of the IPSA
    • Summarizes IPSA strategies for growth
    • Establishes key IPSA goals and objectives for CY 2016-2018

  • 20 Jun 2016 7:22 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association is pleased to announce that Group Mobile has signed up for a Silver Level Sponsorship in support of our Public Safety Symposium on October 25 and October 26.  Thank you Group Mobile!  We are looking forward to seeing you in Tempe! 

  • 01 Jun 2016 11:18 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    June is National Internet Safety Month.  Enacted in 2005, the goals are to of remind about the awareness of the possible dangers of the Internet and to provide an opportunity to educate everyone about the importance of being safe and responsible online.

    109th CONGRESS 1st Session 

    S. RES. 147 

    Designating June 2005 as ``National Internet Safety Month''

    IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES May 18, 2005 Ms. Murkowski (for herself, Mr. Crapo, Mr. DeWine, Mr. Craig, Ms. Landrieu, Mrs. Lincoln, Mr. Vitter, Mr. Allen, and Mrs. Feinstein) submitted the following resolution; which was considered and agreed to


    Designating June 2005 as ``National Internet Safety Month''. 

    Whereas in the United States, more than 90 percent of children in grades 5-12 now use computers; Whereas 26 percent of children in grades 5-12 in the United States are online for more than 5 hours a week, and 12 percent of such children spend more time online than they do with their friends; 

    Whereas 53 percent of children and teens in the United States like to be alone when ``surfing'' the Internet, and 29 percent of such children believe their parents would either express concern, restrict their Internet use, or take away their computer if their parents knew where they were surfing on the Internet; 

    Whereas 32 percent of the Nation's students in grades 5-12 feel they have the skills to get past filtering software, and 31 percent of youths in the United States have visited an inappropriate place on the Internet, 18 percent of them more than once; 

    Whereas 51 percent of the Nation's students in grades 5-12 trust the people they chat with on the Internet; 

    Whereas 12 percent of the Nation's students in grades 5-12 have been asked by someone they chatted with on the Internet to meet face to face, and 11.5 percent of such students have actually met face to face with a stranger they chatted with on the Internet; and 

    Whereas 39 percent of youths in grades 5-12 in the United States admit to giving out their personal information, such as name, age, and gender over the Internet, and 14 percent of such youths have received mean or threatening email while on the Internet: 

    Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate-- 

    (1) designates June 2005 as ``National Internet Safety Month''; 

    (2) recognizes that National Internet Safety Month provides an opportunity to educate the people of the United States on the dangers of the Internet and the importance of being safe and responsible online; 

    (3) commends and recognizes national and community organizations for their work in promoting awareness of the dangers of the Internet and for providing information and training that develops the critical thinking and decision making skills needed to be safe online; and 

    (4) calls on Internet safety organizations, law enforcement, educators, community leaders, parents, and volunteers to increase their efforts to raise the level of awareness in the United States regarding the need for online safety.

  • 25 May 2016 11:09 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    Have you ever thought about the elements in the International Public Safety Association's Logo? 

    A tremendous amount of thought and work went into our design and we are happy to share these fun facts with you.  The IPSA represents all public safety disciplines: law enforcement, fire service, EMS, telecommunications, public works (water, sanitation, transportation), public health, hospitals, security, private sector, and emergency management, and our new logo is more reflective of our constituency and who we serve.  The logo of the IPSA is used to authenticate documents issued by the IPSA and is its official trade mark.

    (1) The full color logo’s outer ring and wreath represent the gold standard of service that is provided by IPSA to the entire public safety profession; 

    (2) the globe represents IPSA’s commitment to support public safety professions worldwide, and; 

    (3) the Latin Phrase, “ūna validiōrēs sumus” in the inner circle means, “Together We Are Stronger”

    We are very proud of our logo and what it represents. 

  • 18 May 2016 2:45 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    Anything can happen when there are thousands of spectators attending a large event.  With over 150,000 spectators expected to attend the 2016 MCAS Cherry Point Air Show, planning and preparations began months prior to the event.  In preparation for the Air Show, numerous exercises were conducted.   Air Show staff were guided through several table top exercises, communications exercises and a full scale mass casualty exercise.

    After the initial viewing of the webcast, Mr. James Riemer, Director of Operations, MCAS Cherry Point, and Air Show Director, recommended the webcast be shown for the entire Air Show staff and highly recommended that staff join the association in order to participate in future webcasts.  That being said, I joined the IPSA as a Member in order to be part of an organization that unites all public safety groups.

    Mass casualty training and exercising are important when planning mass gatherings because emergencies can happen at any time.  In an effort to understand how others have dealt with Air Crash mass casualty events and through the assistance of Ms. Heather Cotter, Executive Director, International Public Safety Association (IPSA), the MCAS Cherry Point Operations staff was able to review the Reno Air Races: Responding to "A Plane in the Stands" webcast

    Many webcasts have since been viewed; however the Reno Race webinar provided our staff the opportunity to see how other agencies operate and it reinforced how important it is to collaborate with outside agencies.  Our participants saw further evidence that pre-planning for events of this magnitude is important in order to define roles and responsibilities, identify and properly deploy resources, and to discuss contingency plans with our partnering agencies.

    Although we have our Pre-Air Show Mishap Plans and an All Hazards Plan that includes Mass Casualty Incidents; the Reno Air Race webcast provided our staff valuable information regarding Emergency Evacuation on a large scale.  Prior to viewing the webcast, Ms. Cotter provided contact information and introduced our staff to Mr. Kevin Romero, Director, Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority and the Reno Race guest presenter.  Mr. Romero was very helpful in providing additional information and planning tools and flow charts.

    After reviewing the webcast and discussing the Reno Race Mass Evacuation Plan, our staff met with local police and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to discuss our Emergency Mass Evacuation Plan.   Our Evacuation Plan was reviewed and roles and responsibilities defined.  We discussed egress routes for emergency and non-emergency traffic, the importance of which was clearly stated during the Reno Race webcast.

    Fortunately, we were untested by a major mishap during our Air Show.  However, an unanticipated record number of visitors to the Air Show on the second day of the event created a 10-mile gridlock on eastbound Hwy US 70, the only major traffic corridor through the local area.  This resulted in the potential for significant problems in the event of a major mishap. 

    In retrospect, we realized that we had not sufficiently discussed mass gathering ingress during our planning meetings.  We are now re-writing our plans to include ingress and egress, as MCAS Cherry Point relies on one of eastern North Carolina’s major east-west highways (US 70).  With our closest Trauma Center located approximately 112 miles to the west, and our closest hospitals 20 miles in either direction (east and west) on US 70, the main artery to and from our base is a four-lane highway that we cannot afford to have closed in either direction.  We believe lessons learned from the Reno Air Race seminar will continue to help us mitigate future traffic challenges for emergencies … or for perfect Air Show days.

    Story by Etta Lucas, Installation Emergency Manager, Mission Assurance, MCAS Cherry Point

  • 09 May 2016 5:00 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association (IPSA) recently joined the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop.Think.Connect.TM Campaign, a national public awareness effort to raise cybersecurity awareness and promote safe online behavior for everyone.

    With our lives more dependent on technology than ever, it’s important for everyone to understand online risks and how to protect themselves. While our dedicated public safety employees focus on keeping people physically secure, as role models you also have an opportunity to spread the online safety message in your communities.

    Government agencies also have a responsibility to safeguard the sensitive information handled by their offices. The IT team is no longer the only segment of an organization responsible for its cybersecurity – all employees, are accountable for both an agency’s online security and that of those whom they protect. 

    As a Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign partner, IPSA is committed to promoting online safety. Your organization can partner with Stop.Think.Connect. as well. In doing so, you will join over 270 government, non-profit, and academic partners, including the County of Los Angeles, the State of New York, the U.S. Department of Justice, the National Security Agency, Florida State University, and the AARP.

    There are no fees or any financial obligations associated with membership, and as a Campaign partner, you will have access to:

    • DHS speakers, resources, tools, and subject matter experts
    • Monthly discussions about cyber issues, trends and best practices
    • A large and diverse partner network to share with and learn from
    • Cybersecurity tips and promotional materials, all which can be co-branded with your seal and shared with employees, constituents and the community

    If you would like to join today, or are interested in learning more, please email   

    Only government entities, non-profit organizations, and not-for-profit academic institutions are eligible to join the Campaign at this time, but individuals interested in working with us can sign up for our Friends Newsletter.

  • 06 May 2016 9:14 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)
    The International Public Safety Association has been following the Fort McMurray Wildfire these last few days. We heard from one of our Members with Calgary Police Service last night. There has been so much devastation, and their entire public safety community is working around the clock in response.

    We will be thinking of the men and women who are putting service before self. Stay safe.

  • 02 May 2016 11:10 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Chief Brian Bayani with Northwest EMS (TX).  Chief Bayani will be charged with establishing our new Multidiscipline Mentoring Committee and will ultimately help form a new Multidiscipline Mentoring Program for our members.  More information about how to apply for this committee will be announced in the coming weeks. 

    Congratulations Chief Bayani!  We are looking forward to working with you and thank you for your service to the public safety community.  

    Multidiscipline Mentoring Committee

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