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  • 29 Dec 2015 12:20 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association would like to say "Thank You" to Chief James "Tim" Bryan with the Butler Community College Department of Public Safety.  As a result of our year-end Membership Drive, the good Chief signed up his entire agency and others in the public safety area. Chief Bryan's Department of Public Safety is the first organization to have an agency-wide Membership with the IPSA. Thank you Chief! We appreciate your support!

  • 07 Dec 2015 4:12 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    Press Release from C.O.P.S. about the upcoming 2016 L.E.A.D.

    On January 9th, 2016, partnering organizations in support of law enforcement officers nationwide will promote a National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.).  In light of recent negativity directed toward law enforcement nationally, there is a need to show law enforcement officers that our citizens recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chosen, in public service to us all.

    Each day 780,000 police officers across our country put a badge on and go to work knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations.  On average, between 105 and 203 officers die in the line of duty each year, 50,000 officers are assaulted in the line of duty each year, 14,000 officers are injured in the line of duty each year, and over 300 officers commit suicide each year.  There is no other profession in the world, except possibly the military, where you will find these kinds of statistics.

    Law enforcement officers play such an integral part in our society.  Without law enforcement officers, chaos would reign.  Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were in trouble – a car accident, a home invasion, an assault – and you did not have someone to call for help?  No matter how much abuse law enforcement takes, they continue to do their job, and do it well.  They are the guardians of our way of life and they deserve our support. 

    On January 9th, we call our nation’s citizens to action in support of law enforcement.  Those citizens who appreciate law enforcement and are discouraged about the negative attention being given to law enforcement are encouraged to take time on Friday, January 9, to show their support.  Our citizens can show their support in a number of ways:

    • Change your profile picture on social media to the jpg image provided at
    • Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement
    • Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency
    • Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media
    • Ask children in your community to write letters in support of law enforcement
    • Participate in Project Blue Light - Proudly display your blue light in support of law enforcement
    • Organize an event or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers
    • Advertise your support through local media outlets/billboards
    • Post the public service announcement supplied by C.O.P.S. to your organization’s webpage or social media pages

    Most importantly, if you see a police officer, thank a police officer.

    All of our partnering organizations welcome media outlets to cover this nationwide campaign in support of law enforcement.   Leaders from supporting organizations will make themselves available for interviews on the morning of January 9th, 2016.  For questions or an interview, contact C.O.P.S. National President, Brenda Donner, at (206) 915-6437 or C.O.P.S. Executive Director, Dianne Bernhard, at (573) 673-8917.

  • 02 Dec 2015 4:42 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association is one of the newest members of the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Emergency Services Sector Coordinating Council. 

    The Emergency Services Sector Coordinating Council strives to protect the people, physical components, and systems necessary to effectively save lives, protect the nation’s critical infrastructure, other property and the environment, aid in the recovery from emergency situations, and assist communities affected by disasters. Through the Council, members share best practices, collaborate on common goals, and work with the Department of Homeland Security and other national leaders to connect the Emergency Services Sector critical infrastructure issues and solutions.

    As a member of the Council, the International Public Safety Association will play an integral role in assuring the development of a true partnership among all levels of government and the private sector via the Council, which is committed to coordination, communication, and collaboration between the Emergency Services Sector community, the Federal Government, and other sector partners.

    We have appointed Director/Lieutenant Wren Nealy with Cypress Creek EMS (TX) and Waller County Sheriff's Office (TX) to represent the International Public Safety Association.  

  • 30 Nov 2015 3:50 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association is pleased to announce its newest public safety committee addressing the needs of public safety telecommunicators and 911 call takers. 

    The Communications Committee is responsible for providing the International Public Safety Association information and direction on the current and projected status of communication centers within the public safety spectrum as it pertains to operations, training, response and professional development.  

    While working earnestly within the International Public Safety Association’s mission, this committee will effect positive change by collaborating with other IPSA committees, and information-sharing within the International Public Safety Association membership. The committee will work diligently to develop strategies, publish articles, and distribute any pertinent information through various mediums that will aim to enhance the overall understanding of communication centers and the vital role of telecommunicators in emergency response. 

    The overarching goal of this committee shall be to contribute to the progressive evolution of communication centers, creating a direct and positive impact on the public and public service community.

    Learn more

  • 14 Nov 2015 6:53 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The catastrophic and brutal terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris, France this weekend resulted in approximately 129 causalities and over 350 wounded.  This incident, still evolving, is a devastation felt around the globe.  The International Public Safety Association expresses its deepest condolences to all that have been impacted this horrific incident.   

    Full Press Release

  • 29 Sep 2015 2:11 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The IPSA, like many other organizations, is showing its support of Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October.   You will quickly see our new logo and limited edition items in our Store.  

    The IPSA's Executive Director Heather R. Cotter will personally donate the equivalent of 10% of sales from our Limited Edition Store Items to the Susan G. Komen organization.

    We encourage folks to change their profile pictures on social media to our logo during the month of October to show your support of Public Safety and BCA.  

  • 25 Sep 2015 1:05 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    As a result of cooperation between the International Public Safety Association (IPSA) and the Emergency Management and Response—Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR-ISAC), all Members have been recommended to receive the InfoGram newsletter. The InfoGram is a weekly newsletter which typically includes four short articles about the protection of the critical infrastructures of communities and their emergency responders. 

    Eligible IPSA Members will also soon be nominated for access to the Emergency Services community on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). HSIN is DHS’s secure method of sharing sensitive but unclassified For Official Use Only (FOUO) information with federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners.

    The EMR-ISAC maintains the Emergency Services (ES) community on HSIN, it contains critical infrastructure protection and emergent threat information published by federal, state, and local agencies that is relevant to fire, EMS, law enforcement, emergency management, 9-1-1/PSAP, and public works.   

    All IPSA Members must login to our website to learn how to access these new benefits.

  • 23 Sep 2015 9:20 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    The International Public Safety Association will soon begin accepting applications from our Members to join this new Association Committee.  The Committee Chair, Captain Brad Havrilla, is a 27 year veteran for Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue and is currently coordinating Fire Rescue’s Active Shooter Response program.  This coordinated response between Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue has tightened the gap between these two agencies and is strengthening the bond of Public Safety in South Florida.   

    The purpose of the Rescue Task Force Committee is to provide the International Public Safety Association guidance in all matters relating to the development, management, and training practices of Rescue Task Forces.  The committee shall enhance the cooperation and the sharing of information between agencies who use Rescue Task Forces and those exploring the possibility of starting a Rescue Task Force; the Committee will publish documents and articles to assist in the understanding of the benefits, costs, and complexities of on-going Rescue Task Force training and management.

    The IPSA Rescue Task Force Committee shall consist of a Committee Chair,  an IPSA Staff Liaison, and up to 16 Members representing law enforcement, fire service, EMS, and telecommunications. 

    Learn more 

  • 22 Sep 2015 5:06 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    We are excited to announce that Mr. Shawn Ward was appointed by the IPSA Board of Directors to serve as the Association's new Secretary. 

    In his capacity as the IPSA Secretary, Mr. Ward will manage the Association’s internal communications and Board related activities. 

    Shawn Ward, IPSA Secretary

  • 28 Aug 2015 2:20 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

    Congratulations IPSA Board Chairman Scott Edson on the promotion to Chief of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Homeland Security Division. Well deserved!!

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