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Together we are stronger


The IPSA's Board of Directors approved the development of Sections for our membership during a board meeting on August 12, 2021. The IPSA will be rolling out these new Sections between August 2021 - June 2022. 

Questions? Email us at

How to Join a Section

You must be a current Associate or Active Member to join a Section. Simply login to our website to access Section membership options. 

Terrorism & Counterterrorism 

Foreign Terrorist Organizations are identified by the U.S. State Department on a continual basis. We often don't hear about them in main stream media. 

This Section will focus global and domestic terrorism, counterterrorism and extremism. We recommend that everyone who is interested in learning more about these issues to join.

Integrated Response

If you are interested in networking with public safety officials in law enforcement, fire, EMS, 911 and allied emergency responders then we highly recommend joining this new Section.

We envision Section Members discussing active shooter incidents, mass casualty incidents, terrorism, civil unrest and other man-made and natural disasters that bring the public safety community together.


From cybersecurity and UAS to smart phones and broadband, technology plays a role in every day public safety operations.

This Section will focus on all things technology. We recommend that everyone who is interested in learning more about existing and emerging technologies, their applications, known and evolving threats and how to maximize their utility to join this section.


It is common knowledge that fitness, nutrition and wellness are critical components to first responders’ health. Given this, the IPSA has developed a new Fitness Section to help all our members stay fit-for-duty, whether you're working in the field or behind a desk...

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