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Upcoming Webinars

The IPSA hosts mission critical and relevant webinars throughout the year. We're bringing the subject matter experts to you because we recognize the need for continual education and training, and we also understand the financial constraints organizations face. All IPSA Associate and Active Level Members have 24/7 access to our impressive on-demand library. Register for our webinars and share them with your professional network. 

January 2022

Tuesday, January 18 @ 10am MST (12pm Eastern)

Exercise and the Brain: Benefits for First Responders

Wednesday, January 19 @ 10am MST (12pm Eastern)

Cumulative stress: What is it and how to safely manage it in law enforcement?

Wednesday, January 26 @ 10am MST (12pm Eastern)

How Mobile Technology is Transforming Law Enforcement Operations

February 2022

Wednesday, February 2 @ 10am MST (12pm Eastern)

Preparing for a line of duty death: What you need to do in the first 24hrs and weeks that follow

Wednesday, February 9 @ 10am MST (12pm Eastern)

Suicide by Cop: Incident Management Tactics for Safe Resolution

Wednesday, February 23 @ 10am MST (12pm Eastern)

First Responder Stress and Metabolic Dysfunction

March 2022

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