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Webinar Archives

The IPSA rotates its webinar archives on a regular basis to ensure that you're always receiving new, relevant education from the field.

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Active Shooter, Hostile Events & MCIs

Lessons Learned: Integrated Response

RTF for Incident Commanders

Multidiscipline ASHER Panel

ATF: Fire as a Weapon

Jihad as Terrorism Webinar

Demystifying Terrorism 101

Organized Response to MCIs

Keeping Places of Worship Safe, Secure

Fire Suppression during ASHE

Integration of Tactical Dispatchers

ASHE Reunification & Family Assistance

ASHE/Violence - Healthcare

RTF Best Practices Version II: Q+A

Validating RTFs through Exercises

Active Shooter Mental Readiness

Integrated Response Panel

Fire as a Weapon - Q&A

Key Role of 911 During Incidents

Complex, Coordinated Attacks

NFPA 3000 Standard: ASHER

Administrative, Planning & Training

Organizational & Cultural Change

Critical Thinking-Decision Making

How to Manage Difficult Employees

Modernizing Your Fleet Maintenance

How to Reduce Drug Diversion Risks

ā€œ3 Cā€™sā€ of Response and Recovery

North Bay Wildfires Lessons Learned

Grant Writing 101 for Public Safety

Using HD aerial imagery

Mobile First for Emergency Mgmt

Leadership 101: First-Line Supervisor

Enhancing Leadership Skills

Preparing the PSAP for Disasters

FEMA Continuity of Operations Planning

911 on a Hostage Negotiation Team

Law Enforcement Use of Force

CI Risk, Planning & Recovery

Who Does 911 Call for Help?

Public Safety Training Tips

Situational Awareness on Scene

Cyber & Technology

Achieving CJIS Compliance

Mobility First Approach


Improving Safety with Smartphones

ATAK: Situational Awareness

NIST: Supporting Public Safety

Cyberattacks against gov't agencies

Doxxing: A public safety threat

Connected Cop: A wearable MDC

Mental Health & Wellness

Peer-to-peer: Mental Health/Wellness

Personal Story: Surviving the Service

Trifecta Approach to Trauma Treatment

First to Respond, Last to Seek Help

Responder Wellness During a Pandemic

Early Alert: Suicide Prevention

First Responder Health Risks

Burnout - Staying out of the Red Zone

Stigma Reduction & Resiliency Program

Heroes are Human Too: Depression, PTSD & Suicide

911 dispatcher: Mental health crisis intervention

Active Threat & Working Under Duress

Recognizing Domestic Violence

Fighting addiction in EMS/Healthcare

Mental Health Treatment Q+A

CIT: Chicago PD Lessons Learned

Trauma Response to Domestic Cruelty

Surviving the Fire Service

Your Strength Keeps You Safe

Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed Panel Discussion

STB from a trauma surgeon's POV

Starting a Stop the Bleed Program


TEMS Policy & Practice Considerations

K9 Tactical Emergency Medical Support

TEMS 101: What you need to know to get a program started

TEMS: Remote Surrogate Medical Care


Thermal Imaging for UAS

Starting a public safety UAS program

UAS & Situational Awareness

Multidiscipline Drone Program

UAS - FAA Policies for Public Safety

FAA Public Safety UAS - Part 107

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