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Webinar Recordings

The IPSA rotates its webinar recordings on a regular basis to ensure that you're always receiving new, relevant education from the field. Only IPSA Webinar Program Subscribers and Members have access. Not a member? Join now.

CI Risk Assessment & Recovery Planning

Who does 911 Call for Help?

ASHE Reunification & Family Assistance

Fire Suppression during ASHE

How to Recognize Domestic Violence

Starting a Stop the Bleed Program

NFPA 3000: A New ASHER Standard

911 on Hostage Negotiation Team

Preparing the PSAP for Disasters

CIT: Chicago Police Department's Lessons Learned

Violent intruder in a healthcare/social service setting

Stop the Bleed from a trauma surgeon's POV

911 dispatcher: Mental health crisis intervention

TEMS 101: What you need to know to get a program started

Doxxing: A real threat against public safety officials

Fighting addiction in EMS/Healthcare

Public Safety Training Tips

FAA UAS in Public Safety - Part 107

Active Threat & Working Under Duress

Heroes are Human Too: PTSD, Depression & Suicide

Mental Readiness: Stigma Reduction & Resiliency Program

911 Dispatcher within a Hostage Negotiation Team

TEMS: Remote Surrogate Medical Care

Drones/UAS - FAA Policies for Public Safety

Situational Awareness on Scene

Leadership for the First-Line Supervisor

K9 Tactical Emergency Medicine

Cyberattacks against gov't agencies

Key Role of 911 During Incidents

Law Enforcement Use of Force

Integration of Tactical Dispatchers

Organized Response to MCIs

Validating RTFs through Exercises

Burnout - Staying out of the Red Zone

Public Safety Project Management 101

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