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Together we are stronger



Why was International Public Safety Association established?

The IPSA was established to unite the entire public safety community and to provide opportunities for public safety to cross-train and network across all disciplines.  

When was the IPSA established?

We were formally incorporated in the State of Arizona in July 2014 as a Non-Profit corporation.

Does IPSA have 501(c)3 status?

Yes! We are a public charity. Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. Donate to the IPSA today!

How is IPSA funded?

We receive funding through our membership dues, corporate supporters and events

Leadership Opportunities

How do I become a Member of the IPSA Board of Directors?

The IPSA Board of Directors are elected by IPSA Active Members. You must be an Active member at the time of application. You must self-nominate during our nomination period. The last step is that eligible nominees will go through an election process. 

When is the next election?

After it is determined that the candidates who self-nominated are eligible, per IPSA's Bylaws, to serve on the IPSA Board, the IPSA holds an election.

How do I become an IPSA Officer?

IPSA Officers are appointed by the IPSA Board. To be considered for IPSA Secretary or Treasurer, please contact the Executive Director.


How much does it cost to join the IPSA?

We have several pricing options available for Associate, Active, Group and Founding Members. Check out our Membership page for the most current information.

Why can't I login?

Only current IPSA Members are able to login. If you just signed up, it may take up to 24 hours to activate your account.  

Who is eligible to join the IPSA?

Everyone! We established ourselves as a public membership, non-profit because we truly believe in uniting all public safety disciplines and the communities they serve. 

What are the benefits to joining the IPSA?

The most important benefit - an intangible benefit - is your membership signfies support of our mission. Also, IPSA Members have several other tangible benefits from discounts to trainings/events, opportunities to serve in a leadership role or on a committee and so much more. Benefits are listed on our membership page.


Roll-out & transparency (August 2021 - June 2022)

  • Members need to join a Section in order for it to become active.
  • IPSA will develop a unique webpage for each Section.
  • IPSA will host a Section meeting with Section members.
  • IPSA will distribute a specialty newsletter specifically for Section members.
  • IPSA will issue a survey to Section members.

Why should I join a Section during its early stage of development?

A Section will only become active once Members join. It's critical to get membership buy-in and support.

How much does it cost to join a Section?

  • Associate and Active Level Members = $10 USD/year
  • Lifetime Members = Free

How do I join an IPSA Section?

  • Associate and Active Level Members simply have to purchase the Section (or Sections) they are interested in joining by logging into our website and viewing the Members Only webpage. 
  • Lifetime Members need to email us with the request at

What happens after I join a Section?

  • IPSA will tag your account as a member of the Section you purchased.
  • IPSA will email all new Section Members on a regular basis with updates as the Sections are being developed.

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