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Tips for 911 Call Takers/Dispatchers: Active Shooter and Intruder Response

14 Jan 2017 9:49 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)
  1. Have a protocol or agency specific plan for questioning caller(s). Here are some additional tips.
  2. Ask questions that will benefit the officer/responder. Try to see things from their perspective.  
  3. Keep responders updated with all new information to eliminate any surprises, especially assailant location information.
  4. Interact directly with the Incident Commander or on scene Communications Liaison if possible.
  5. Maintain a calm and confident tone throughout the call.
  6. At some point the call may be lost. Try and give as many safety instructions early on so that the caller(s) can prepare to escape or defend themselves.
  7. Hysterical callers are able to provide around 75% of the info needed to initiate the call. Listen and try not to unnecessarily interrupt.
  8. Each new caller is a potential new witness with new or updated information. Do not rush through any call.
  9. Remind the caller(s) to not rush towards the officers; they are there to take out the threat. They must approach with hands visible and follow all commands.
  10. Give description of assailant to everyone; internal departments and neighboring agencies.   
  11. If working the radio, remember to practice silence and the art of listening. Channels will need to be “Emergency Traffic” only.
  12. KNOW YOUR AGENCY’S RESPONSE PLAN! Ask to take part in any internal or community drills

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