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International Public Safety Association's Recognition of Veterans on Memorial Day

26 May 2017 8:45 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

As public safety practitioners, we face danger, injury and potentially fatal consequences every day. We pilot our police cars, fire apparatus and ambulances toward chaos and mayhem. 

In the back of our minds, we offer a little prayer that we will complete our assignment and return safely. Our friends and family know what we do for a living and they offer the same wishes and prayers.

There is National Police Week, Fallen Firefighters Weekend, National Fallen EMS Responders week and we all pause to remember the fallen in our ranks. But there is another time, when we are obligated to reflect. The unofficial start of Summer - and that is Memorial Day. 

To many, Memorial Day and the weekend prior, means the beach, the mountains or getting in the RV to anywhere USA. However, Memorial Day remembers and honors the sacrifices our military made, continues to make and potentially will make in the future.

Whenever someone willingly ventures into harm’s way to sacrifice and protect others, they are worthy of honor and respect. 

Since the founding of this nation, our military has stood guard, battled tyranny and insured justice for people around the globe, people not of their own country.  

On this day, the International Public Safety Association recognizes their sense of duty, their courage and their honor.   

Thank you for your service and stay safe. 

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