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How first responders can create the connected vehicle of the future through mobile technology

25 Aug 2017 3:04 PM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

By Group Mobile, an official IPSA Supporter

First responders are quickly becoming some of the most technologically advanced units in the world. The growing need for a more efficient system to allow for constant connection is changing how public safety professionals handle emergencies.

 Police dispatch centers and officers in the field can share video, process plate and driver license information, use GNSS tracking to provide a more reliable incident response, while EMS professionals can access patient records or use telemedicine to begin treatment while in route to destined hospital. And, even though budget constraints continue to impact departments, there is a commonality – departments are tasked with keeping the public safe while doing even more than ever before.

Doing more with less

How do agencies keep up given insufficient financial resources? It’s possible to stay in the game (and ahead) through high performance technologies that connect mobile assets and mission-critical applications that save money through (1) simplification, (2) device failure and (3) error management.  

Deploying the right technology will ensure all mobile workers have immediate access to the information necessary to respond quickly and efficiently — simplifying the number of devices required inside the mobile work station. A vehicle with constant, uninterrupted connection will ensure device failure and error management is at a record low which in turn creates less user frustration and improved morale. When high performance technology is implemented, it means mobile public safety professionals waste less time on problems arising from disordered or unreliable information.

Transforming your fleet into mobile information centers

With a modern police vehicle, ambulance or fire truck, it is no longer just a vehicle; it is a mobile information center. In a world of advanced technology, a mobile information center is integral to public safety agencies today. There are numerous benefits from safety to reliable and timely information related to your call for service. While the list of applications you choose to have in your mobile information center will be driven by your unique operational needs, here are some applications worth considering:

  • Reliable and continual communication
  • Instant access to critical records
  • GPS guidance
  • E-citations
  • Fingerprint authentication readers
  • Smartcard and magnetic card readers
  • Body-worn cameras
  • In-vehicle printing
  • On-scene incident reporting
  • Barcode and RFID readers
  • License plate readers

We recommend a communications footprint based on a vehicle area network: an on-board router that acts as a secure wireless platform for all devices associated with the vehicle, implementing the proper technology will turn each vehicle into a mobile office or a real-time situational awareness crime center.

There are various types of devices and applications that must stay connected. These are crucial to ensuring first responders have all the vital information needed to perform their duties.

Technology has immensely changed in public safety over the past few decades. New and advanced technologies are helping to improve responsiveness and efficiency of public safety professionals, helping them to better serve and protect. If you are struggling with all of the factors during consideration of new and improved technology when connecting your mobile data center, you are not alone.

Keep in mind, when deploying new technologies to support your department, in-vehicle devices coupled with mission critical applications, select an organization that truly understands a turn-key vehicle networking solution, it will make a huge difference in the cost, rollout plan and return on investment.

About Group Mobile
Group Mobile will provide a way to improve budget efficiency by lowering your costs and simplifying various processes — start with a free consultation, next collaborate on the design for implementation and easy vehicle installation, project management, and a full suite of professional services — keep all aspects of the project within one single point of contact.

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