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911 call-taker tips for COVID-19 screening

20 Mar 2020 11:17 | IPSA (Administrator)

Submitted by the Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications, Fairfax County, Virginia

In cooperation with Fairfax County’s Health Department, Fire and Rescue Department Medical Director, and Police Department Safety Officers, the Department of Public Safety Communications in Fairfax County (Virginia) have added the following questions to all calls:

  1. Does the patient or anyone else on scene have these symptoms?

    --Measured body temperature of 100.4 or higher.
    --Fever (hot to the touch in room temperature).
    --Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
    --Persistent cough.
    --Any other new respiratory problems (e.g., persistent sneezing, wheezing, --congestion, etc.).

  2. Has the patient or anyone else on scene traveled outside the United States (any international travel) in the past 14 days?

  3. Has the patient or anyone else on scene been exposed to someone with Coronavirus?

If any of the below criteria are met, for any call, click the INFECTIOUS DISEASE button and list the criteria in CAD.

  • Any symptom + Any international travel.
  • Any symptom + Exposed to a person with Coronavirus.

Medical pre-arrival instructions
Keep the patient/subject isolated. Do not allow anyone to come in close contact with him/her.

Return to chief complaint card

Start with chief complaint card/information gathering. Enter call for dispatch according to EMD protocol or event type.

Law enforcement pre-arrival instructions
Direct the involved subject(s)/parties to come outside, to exit the residence/office to meet the responding officer. (Our goal is to meet the involved subject(s) outside in open air to help minimize exposure).

Medical events
Provide pre-arrival instructions. Screen for Coronavirus – ask questions in any order.

PD events
Screen for Coronavirus – ask questions shortly after event entry. Return to line of questioning.

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