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Free Webinar - Gun Violence: Improving Investigative Leads

  • 24 Jan 2018
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Remote

Gun Violence: Improving Investigative Leads


Gun violence in America is uniquely higher than many other countries, and law enforcement agencies are being overwhelmed by analyzing crime scenes and weapons that lead to successful apprehension.

Firearms have unique identifiers and when fired, each firearm leaves a distinct impression that is unique to the firearm.

Register and attend this free webinar to learn how the latest technology can carefully compare and identify cartridge cases to other cartridge cases or firearms. It’s an incredible way to draw a connection and help develop new investigative leads that will ultimately lead to apprehension.

Gone are the days of waiting because now, within minutes, an agency can upload a cartridge case, analyze the cartridge case, run a search and compare the cartridge case to a list of cartridge case candidates and deliver potential links.

All registrants will have access to the recording.

All attendees will receive an IPSA Certificate of Attendance.

The IPSA is hosting this free webinar with Vigilant Solutions, an Official IPSA Corporate Supporter. We encourage you to register and share this event freely with others.

Webinar Recording
All registrants will have access to the recording.

Webinar Certificates
All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance

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