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How rugged, mobile technology better equips today's police officers

19 Oct 2017 11:20 AM | International Public Safety Association (Administrator)

By Group Mobile, an Official IPSA Supporter

It is hard to remember a time without the ability to access the Internet from our phones, not to mention a time without portable devices. While modern technology has unquestionably influenced how we do just about everything, from interacting with one another to purchasing goods, one of the biggest impacts it has made is in law enforcement. Advancements in technology have enabled law enforcement to perform their duties at a higher capacity.

Opportunities for reliable and seamless communication, and technologies such as license plate and fingerprint authentication readers, all aid law enforcement in improving their ability to serve their communities. However, some fragile technology devices do not last long in the field given the dynamic aspects and demands of law enforcement. Given this, many manufacturers have developed rugged devices, like tablets, laptops and video cameras. Rugged equipment is generally preferred by law enforcement for because they are more durable.

Rugged printers, scanners

There are a few uneasy words that typically come to mind when thinking of printers and scanners: clunky, slow, confusing. Whereas this is an irritant for civilians, printing and scanning functionalities play an integral role for law enforcement. Rugged printers and scanners solve a lot of these common issues conventional devices ensue.

A few benefits of rugged printers and scanners include a smaller design, meaning officers don’t have to add another bulky piece of technology in their cars and increased speed and quality. Scanning identification and printing tickets just got that much easier. But ultimately, the most promising aspect of these rugged devices is that they’re built to last.  

Rugged laptops, tablets

While there has been large debate regarding the benefits of rugged laptops versus rugged tablets for law enforcement, it’s non-negotiable that enforcement is armed with at least one of these two devices. Similarly, to how civilians rely on laptops and tablets, they are also two of the most used devices in the field. Given the durability of rugged laptops and tablets, money is saved in that devices aren’t constantly needing replacement due to damage from handling or weather.

Deciding to choose a laptop or tablet is dependent upon where officers are at a given moment, whether that be a patrol car or walking on foot. Rugged laptops are small, making them suitable for cars. Tablets offer more mobility, making them more convenient for those who need to take and use their device outdoors.

Mobile Routers

A secure and dependable mobile router may be one of the most important devices for law enforcement officers in the field. Ensuring officers have quick access to imperative data via their various mobile devices can be the difference between life and death. Common issues with unreliable routers include frequent loss of connectivity or vulnerability to being accessed by unauthorized individuals. Because of these susceptibilities, it’s important for law enforcement to choose routers they can rely on.

Things to consider when choosing a secure router include:

●        Finding a vendor that has a dedicated department for coordinating security efforts

●        Checking if they employ experts driving company-wide initiatives for security

●        Determining if the process for identifying and addressing issues is standardized and reliable

Modern technology serves an essential role in how law enforcement operates today, and rugged mobile devices provide the advantage of durability and consistent reliability. The mobile solutions experts at Group Mobile work with police departments nationwide and can assist you in determining the best equipment for your application and budget.

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